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Happy New Year

January 2022

It’s a new year filled with much hope. What is God up to next? What does God have in store for St. Olaf in 2022? We have so much goodness right at our front door! That is exciting! How will God reveal Himself? With the daycare approval in No- vember we are seeking a new daycare director. If you know a good candidate, please have them submit a resume to our office. We are also seeking a new office manager and will begin those interviews this month. Please be praying that two qualified per- sons with a willingness to serve the Lord will be encouraged to join our team. Thank you to all our volunteers that have been helping to keep things afloat through the holi- day season. Their kindness has been a blessing during the transition.

Kindness matters. If we have the ability to simply make a person’s day with one act of kindness, can we make someones month? How about their year? How about their life? Please do not ever minimize the ability you have within you as Christ’s cho- sen and holy beloved people. You carry God’s Spirit with you wherever you go. That Spirit is one filled with goodness, love, and joy. Our world needs more of that, would- nt you agree? We can literally change the world—maybe with a smile, maybe with a song, or maybe with a hug. We can be a part of God’s Holy Spirit changing the world in little ways and big ones. God is up to something here. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to see how that unfolds. Will you receive this blessing for 2022?

May the Lord bless you so abundantly that you fall to your knees in thankfulness. May the Lord heal your broken heart that you dance in the shadows.
May the Lord reveal His amazing plans for you and you hear Him.
May the Lord renew your strength that you may have His power to stand firm. May the Lord give you peace that you may rest in Him.

May you know the Lord deeper this year than last year.

May you be all that God has created you to be no matter the season you are in. God bless you and keep you, Happy New Year.

Blessings on your 2022, and Peace be with you, Pastor Emily

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