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2021 Graduates

All graduating seniors are invited to participate in a special worship service that will commend the class of 2021.

THIS Sunday, June 13 there will be a reception in the St. Olaf Fellowship hall with refreshments at 10 am and
a formal recognition of St. Olaf’s graduating seniors during the 11am worship service. We hope you join us and
celebrate the class of 2021’s great accomplishments! Congratulations to our graduating high school seniors! We
are so proud of the hard work you have already done and we are confident that you will be courageous and
faithful servants of Christ who pursue God’s redeeming work in the world.

Chase Anderson
Tawnie Beck
Andrew Black
Adyson Bork
Sydney Crimmins
Maddie Daniel
Michael Daniel
Haylee Duckett
Tyler Glesne
Tatum Goings
Brady Graves
Aubrey Jorgensen
Andrew Kendall
Foster Krug
Adam Lacina
Gracie Miller
Zoey Possehn
Jesse Rechkemmer
Maria Sande
Taylor Smith
Sawyer Springer
Bryant Ulstad
Chloe Wertz

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